Find out what your child needs to maximise their potential by completing this FREE questionnaire, donated by Patrick Holford and Interactive Profiling Limited.


The questionnaire takes 5 minutes to complete and all information is confidential. You will then be emailed with a report identifying potential areas of imbalance and specific and personalised diet and supplementary advice to provide your child with optimum nutrition. All information given is strictly confidential.

This questionnaire is only valid for children and teenagers up to the age of 18. If you are completing this for yourself, and are under 16 you will need some help from a parent with some of the questions.

If you have not used the Brain Child Health and Diet Questionnaire before and are registering for the first time please click on "New User". If you are an existing user of the Brain Child Health and Diet Questionnaire please click on "Existing User"


Please note: You will be asked for your child's height and weight. Please make sure you have these to hand before starting the questionnaire